Welcome to Good Life Ranch!

Good Life Ranch is a family-owned sustainable farm located in beautiful Casey County, Kentucky. We are a pasture-based farm producing clean healthy food for our local community as well as heritage breeding stock for like-minded farmers nationwide.

Nestled in the hills and valleys and surrounded by Amish farms, we strive to produce food the natural way. All of our animals have access to fresh pasture every day and we use no unnatural chemicals - no steroids, no hormones, no antibiotics, no dewormers, and no chemical fertilizers. We strive to allow our animas to express their physiological uniqueness and to utilize the individual aspects of each type of animal to improve our farm naturally. We embed principles of natural animal husbandry, successional ecology, and permaculture in everything that we do in an effort to give the best lives to our animals and plants while they build our soils, maintain our clean water, and ultimately feed us healthy meals.

Good Life Ranch began on June 18, 2010, so we are still in the process of building up the full complement of meats and produce that we will eventually have, so please stop back often to check out our Products tab to see what we've added lately and what is available now. You can also check availability or ask questions by emailing us any time.

We want to be your home for clean, healthy, sustainably-produced, locally-produced, ethically-raised, family-oriented food. In short, we want to be your farmers!

Contact us:

Phone: (606) 787.4217
Email: geoff@goodliferanch.com


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