Custom Orders

We are pleased to announce that Good Life Ranch can now produce custom orders of poultry, rabbit, turkey, chevon, and pork for our customers!

If you are someone who would like a larger quantity of meat for your freezer or you would like to share a larger order with your friends and family, then this is the opportunity for you!

We can produce, grow, and process a custom order just for you. This means you can specify the quantity you want, when you would like it, and know that you are, of course, getting Good Life Ranch flavor and quality. You can even specify what breed you would like and the size you would like us to grow the animal to before processing!

1. Free-range heritage Thanksgiving turkey $7/lb
2. Heritage broiler chickens $350 for an order of 25
3. Cornish cross broiler chickens $350 for an order of 25
4. Lean, healthy rabbit $100 for an order of 10
5. Tasty cabrito (chevon) $2.50/lb
6. Pastured pork - $2.50/lb

Contact us by phone at 606.787.4217 or email to place an order or get your questions answered.