Hickory Hogs

In 2012, Good Life Ranch added pork to our product line to rave reviews from our customers. So many of our customers tell us they've never tasted anything like it!

This was brought on with the addition of our Red Poll cattle in the Fall of 2011. In the winter, the cattle are fed hay over the spot where next spring's garden will be. The cattle fertilize the ground with their droppings and the farmers lock up that fertilizer by adding layer after layer of hay, straw, and leaves. We also stash corn we grew last year, apples, squash, and other treats in the bedding for the pigs. Once the cattle are turned out to pasture in the spring, the pigs come in! They love rooting through the bedding to find all of the treats we've left for them. In the process, they turn all of the manure and bedding into compost for us. Then they turn that compost right into our garden soil. Once the hogs are done, all we have to do it smooth, plant, and mulch! Talk about a great deal - the pigs take the backbreaking work out of creating a large garden without fossil fuel and they love doing it and produce flavorful pork as a bonus!

After the pigs turn the compost and till the garden for us, they go in paddocks in the woods and pastures where they can continue to graze, root, and wallow to their heart's content. While they are just being pigs, they are actually renovating scrub woodlands into a savanna-like area where large nut trees can drop their crop for the hogs and grasses can grow in the dappled shade for the ruminants. In the fall, the pigs are moved under our hickory and walnut trees and are finished there on grasses, clovers, and falling nuts. It lends a tremendous taste to the finished pork!

We raise Large Black Hogs, a heritage breed listed as Critically Endangered by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy. Large Blacks are some of the best grazers in the pig world, meaning they need less supplemental feed than other breeds. They also tend to be docile and calm - a huge plus when you are working with them every day! Help us save this great pig breed from extinction!

Pork availability: Custom-grown pork is $2.50/lb (liveweight) and by-the-cut prices begin at $3.99/lb. We are currently sold out of our pork. Demand has been incredible! Please email us to be placed on the waiting list.

Breeding stock availability: We can offer the best piglet or two from each litter as registered breeding stock to others who are interested in helping to preserve this wonderful rare breed. Breeding quality piglets are $200, but we are also happy to trade for things like piglets from other lineages, Red Poll calves, or St. Croix sheep.


Click here to see what breeding stock we have available in our herd. You must be a member of the Large Black Hog Association to view the data.